San Francisco Vocabulary

Words that you hear more often in San Francisco.

1: Parking.
“I am getting late, still looking for parking.”
You spend 20 minutes to drive only for 3 miles and spend 25 to look for parking. Well, you are lucky if bikers don’t try to take your lands.

2: Weather.
In the morning: “ugh, why is it so cold and foggy?”
In the afternoon:” why is it so hot?”
In the evening: “too windy!”
People in San Francisco love to complain about the weather, above 85 F is too hot, below 60F is too cold; spoiled brags

3: Rent
“This city is so expensive, ahhhhh.”
That is how my friends and I start a conversation. Yet people keep coming, and housing is still a crisis. If you have a property in the Bay, I say you are rich, and I want to be your friend!

4: “That’s far.”
In this 7×7 city, anything more than 3 miles is far. If you live in East Bay, then well, see you whenever I see you.

5: Startups
“Let’s start up a start-up?” I overheard someone at a coffee shop.
“our startup gonna go IPO sometimes next year” — said 1/4 of the people that I met.

6: CEOs
“I am the CEO of this cool product, you should try it out.” — My Uber driver said, handed me his business card.

“Oh nice, tell me more about it please” — acting like I am rich and have a lot of money and having my sh*t together. In fact, I am a broken college student who doesn’t want to walk either take public transportation on a random day. *he gives me his elevator pitch*

“we will have our series B funding on XYZ day, at ABC place. You should come. I am only driving Uber to see how people respond to it; well as a way to marketing too.”

“Oh, that’s cool.”

7: “I work in tech.”
Mmm, 7/10 people I meet work in tech or some roles in a tech company, so diverse.

8: “I love hiking”
Literally everyone on the West Coast, except my friend’s husband. They say this in person and list it online, however they mean it. Maybe a walk to up a hill, to a park in San Francisco considers hiking too.

9: It’s San Francisco, or the City, or SF.
You may not hear this so often, but it worths mentioning.Only newbies to The City say San Fran. If you do, good luck with getting more eye rolls and pay more than normal. Bay Area people are very passive aggressive to correct you right of the bat unless you are their friends.

The people who truly love the City call it San Francisco or SF. Or yes, The City, even though there are more than just one city in the Bay. We all know what we refer to.

10: Open Relationship.
Mmmm, I am not sure what to comment about this.

That being said, I love city and the people I have been meeting here

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