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A Survival Guide to Linux Part I

Usefull Linux Commands

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4 Lessons That I Learned Through My Undergrad

Two and a half years ago, I wrote about How to Transfer from Community College to UC Berkeley as a Computer Science Major , with the acceptance rate of about 6 –7%. Last December, I graduated. Throughout my undergrad, I have learned some of the most valuable lessons that shape who I am as a person and impact the person that I want to become

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San Francisco Vocabulary

Words that you hear more often in San Francisco.
1: Parking.
“I am getting late, still looking for parking.”
You spend 20 minutes to drive only for 3 miles and spend 25 to look for parking. Well, you are lucky if bikers don’t try to take your lands.

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How I Transferred to UC Berkeley and Many Other Colleges from Community College/ CCSF

I notice that there is a lot of information online for high school seniors but not much for transfer students. It could be harder if you are new to the country and new to the education system. I did not know how the education system worked when I immigrated to the state in summer 2013 either. Therefore, it worths sharing my experience.

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