101 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

They are 101 things that I want to do before I die. They are in no particular order. If you have any suggestions please let me know. If you want to do any of them together, I could be down.

  0: Live a proudly openly gay life
  1: Be kind, be happy and be awesome
  2: Live in another country other than Vietnam
  3: Couchsurf around a new country by myself without knowing the language
  4: Learn Spanish
  5: Learn Portuguese
  6: Learn French
  7: Got accepted to at least one in top 4 Colleges for Computer Science in the U.S: MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cal Tech
  8: Graduate from the school that I choose
  9: Build an app/software that is useful for my users
  10: found and run my own company/ business
  11: Fall in love
  12: Ask a cute boy to go on a date
  13: Backpack around Vietnam
  14: Travel with my best friends
  15: Trek up the Fansipan (the highest peak in Indochina)
  16: Trek up Mount Kinabalu (the highest peak in Southeast Asia)
  17: Get paid for my writing
  18: Have my book published
  19: Been to North Pole and/or South Pole
  20: road trip across the U.S
  21: See the Nazca Lines in Peru
  22: Sail around the Caribbean
  23: Learn swimming
  24: Learn how to surf
  25: Learn how to play piano
  26: Learn to meditation
  27: Finish a marathon
  28: Learn how to dance
  29: Perform on a stage
  30: Read 1001 books
  31: Camping in the Amazon
  32: Rowing along the river in the Grand Canyon
  33: Sky diving
  34: Scuba diving
  35: Backpack around Southeast Asia
  36: Take a hot air balloon ride
  37: Visit the refugee campsite and the hospital that I was born in Hong Kong
  38: Be in a somewhat famous movie
  39: Watch sunrise in Bagan
  40: Been to Son Doong Cave
  41: Go to space
  42: Have my own website
  43: Countdown for new year at Time Square, New York
  44: Take the stairs up the State of Liberty
  45: Get my ear piercings
  46: Bleach my hair
  47: Shave my head
  48: Fund raising for someone I don’t know
  49: Be Multilingual
  50: Cry anywhere, as long as I want to
  51: Cook for mom and dad
  52: Say “I Love You” to the ones I love
  53: Take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey
  54: Sleep at a beach under the stars
  55: Been to a final World Cup game
  56: Been to Songkran
  57: Climb up Machu Picchu, Peru
  58: Kiss someone under the rain
  59: Climb Great Wall China
  60: Watch bullfight in Spain
  61: Been to safari in Africa
  62: Hitchhike in Africa
  63: Travel with my family
  64: Been to Everest Camp Base
  65: Backpack round Tibet
  66: Ride a horse in Mongolian’s savanna
  67: Climb the pyramids in Egypt
  68: Been to Coachella
  69: Been to Burning Man
  70: Travel to 150 countries
  71: Learn how to cook
  72: Buy a House
  73: Been to Los Andres
  74: Surround myself with intelligent, talented and lovable friends
  75: “Fibonacci was also known as Leonardo of Pisa. If you ever find yourself in Pisa, Italy, you can visit his grave; his remains are buried at Campo Santo” – my CS professor said so

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